How to Ride the Bus


Things you will need:

  • Route Map and Schedule

  • Bus Fare (cash or a pass)

  • TransLoc Rider App (optional, but very handy!)

  • Know Your Origin and Destination



  1. Decide where you would like to go. Use your map and schedule to determine which bus route you need to take and if you need to transfer at any point. If you aren't sure which bus route to take, you can use the TransLoc Rider app, or contact the Regional Call Center at (919) 485-RIDE (7433) for assistance.  

  2. Wait at the bus stop. Check your schedule, or use the TransLoc Rider app to determine when the next bus should arrive. Be sure that you are waiting at a marked bus stop. GoCary does not recognize "flag down" stops. 

  3. When you see that the bus is arriving, make sure that you have your fare ready. The fareboxes only accept prepaid bus passes, cash, and coins. Fareboxes are not equipped to give change, but will issue a “change card.” Change cards do not hold a cash value and expire after one year.

    If you aren't sure how much the fare is, check your schedule or ask the bus driver. You can also view "Fares and Passes" information on our website.

  4. If you are making more than 2 trips in one day, it will be more economical to purchase a day pass. You can do this when you board the bus. If you ride the bus often, it may be more economical to buy a multi-day pass. 

  5. Wait until the bus driver indicates that you can board -- sometimes they need to lower the bus or deploy a ramp first in order to assist other passengers.

  6. When you get on the bus, say hello to the driver! It is a nice thing to do and it can make a person's day.

  7. If you are not sure where you need to get off, ask the driver when you get on the bus. He or she can assist you with getting to the correct stop.

  8. If there are empty seats, please sit down. If the bus is full, please make sure that you hold on to the handrails and support poles to steady yourself. If you are travelling with a child who uses a car seat, it is your responsibility to properly secure the seat.

  9. If the bus is full and an elderly person or person with a disability boards, please offer your seat to that person. It is the courteous thing to do.

  10. While you are on the bus, you must obey the Passenger Rules of Conduct. They are posted on all of the buses.

  11. When your stop is coming up next, push the signal strip on the side of the bus, next to the windows. This will alert the driver that someone wants to get off. If you do not do this, and there isn't anyone waiting at the stop to the board, the driver may not stop. Our buses do not automatically stop at every bus stop.

    Please note: GoCary drivers are only authorized to stop at marked locations. Please plan to exit the bus at the stop closest to your desired destination. GoCary drivers are not permitted to drop off passengers between stops.

  12. When the bus stops, please exit via the back door of the bus. The front door of the bus is reserved for passengers that are boarding and for those that need to use the ramp.

  13. Have a great day!