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Door to Door Reservations

Making Door to Door Reservations


There are two ways to make reservations for Door to Door trips:

  • Registered riders may call the GoCary Reservation Center at (919) 481-2020 (Option 3). Reservation staff are available to take your call from 8 AM - 4:30 PM daily. Please feel free to leave a voicemail after hours and staff will return your call the following day.  

  • Complete the online Door to Door Reservation Request form


Required Reservation Information

The reservations agent will not look up the address for your destination. You must be prepared with all of the required information when you call, including exact addresses. The reservation agent will provide a pick-up time as close to the desired time as possible. If the trip is for an appointment where the return time is uncertain, riders can call the dispatch center at (919) 481-2020 (Option 2) at the end of the appointment to to schedule a pick-up. In these cases, riders will generally be picked up within one hour, but the wait may be longer during peak times. Riders must call no later than 5 PM for an unscheduled pick-up.

When calling the reservation center, please have the following information ready for the reservation agent:

  • Rider's name

  • The exact address of the pick-up location, including an apartment or suite number if necessary

  • The desired pick-up time

  • The exact address of the destination, including an apartment or suite number if ncessary

  • The desired drop-off time

  • The desired pick-up time for the return trip, if applicable

  • The number of people traveling, including caregivers

  • Any equipment or special needs (i.e. mobility device)

*Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) may ride for free with passengers who require assistance, but this must be documented on the application for Door to Door service or a direct request (approved by the medical provider) must be faxed to (919) 380-6426.