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Employee Spotlight - Jacqueline Stewart

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NameJacqueline Stewart
PositionSafety Manager
Favorite Thing About Your JobHelping drivers achieve excellence in every area of their transit career.  Bringing awareness to their choice to ACE it every time.  This means having the right "A"ttitude, making the best "C"hoices, and being "E"mpathetic to the needs of others to serve their community in excellence.
Tips For Using Transit

I like using the phrase "Easy Access to anywhere for an affordable price."

E - Easy to get to work, shop, and more.
A - Access to regional connections.
S - Satisfying customer service.
Y - You are driven in comfort, with WiFi!

A - Affordable prices.
C - Caring drivers.
C - Connecting on time.
E - Excellent experience every time.
S - Safety first!
S - Solution focused.

Fun FactJacqueline loves to swim and play baseball.  She also likes to create things and spend time with her family and friends!