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GoCary No Show Policy Update

No Show and/or Late Cancellation Policy Update and Implementation


It is the policy of GoCary Door to Door to record each customer’s No Shows and/or Late Cancellations and apply appropriate sanctions when customers establish a pattern or practice of excessive No-Shows and/or Late Cancellations. The policy is necessary in order to recognize and address the negative impact No Shows and Late Cancellations have on the service provided to other passengers.


Effective Friday, March 1, 2019, an update to the GoCary No Show and Late Cancellation Policy will go into effect. The policy is available on the GoCary website under About - Policies and Programs, or a hard copy is available for review at Cary Town Hall, 2nd Floor Transportation & Facilities Department.


Please contact GoCary Transit staff via email at YourRideMatters@townofcary.org or via telephone at (919) 653-7141 if you have any questions or need further assistance.


Customers are encouraged to call (919) 481-2020 ext. 3 to cancel trips the day before travel.  Thank you for using GoCary’s Door to Door service.  Happy Travels!