Track your bus live!

   TransLoc Rider puts you in control with real-time tracking so you'll
   never miss your bus again.  Download the TransLoc Rider app today!

   GoCary has partnered with other transit systems in the Triangle to
   provide you with an easy-to-use tool to learn about our transit system and
   never miss a bus! 


   There are three easy options to choose from when accessing this tool:

   Desktop and/or Mobile Browser

   Smartphone App

   SMS Text Messaging



Desktop and/or Mobile Browser

  • Access the GoTransit AVL site through a desktop or mobile browser
  • Once you've accessed the site, you will see all of the transit agencies listed on the left














  • Clicking on each individual agency displays all active routes for the current day and time






















  • Clicking on each route activates the alignment to appear on the map, as well as the bus icon, which appears as a balloon with a directional arrow. This symbol indicates which direction the bus is traveling in real-time











  • The zoom tool in the upper left corner of the map allows you to zoom into a desired area of the map and adjust the pan of the screen with a click of the mouse or touch of the finger.


  • As you zoom closer, you will see each stop location. Stops that are colored match the route by which they are served. Stops that are white are either served by another agency, or are not currently in service during the time for which you are viewing the AVL tool.  















  • When clicking on the desired stop, a small window will appear above the stop and show you the location, the bus stop ID number, as well as all routes serving that stop and each route’s estimated time of arrival at that stop.














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Smartphone App

  • Download the TransLoc Rider app from Google Play or iTunes. The mobile application is also available for Blackberry users.

  • Once you launch the app, you will be prompted to select the agency you want to travel with. The options are listed alphabetically by their proper system names. GoCary is listed as ‘GoCary Transit’.

  • Next, the app will give you the option to select any and all agencies in close proximity to GoCary. This is optional in case you need transfers between GoTriangle, GoRaleigh, or other agencies in the Triangle region.

  • Activate any and all routes by tapping the screen to select each applicable box to the right, and then tap the ‘Map’ button at the top left corner.

  • A map will appear with the routes you selected. If you are already at the stop where you will catch the bus, hit the ‘target’ button at the bottom left. This will center your screen over your location.

  • If you are not at the stop where you will catch the bus, use your finger to pan across the screen and then use the zoom tools to zoom in to the stop where you want catch the bus.

  • Tapping the desired stop automatically centers the screen. A window will appear above the stop showing you the location and the bus stop ID number, as well as all routes serving that stop and each route’s estimated time of arrival at that stop.

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SMS Text Messaging

Go Live Logo

   Text ‘golive [bus-stop #]’ 41411 from any stop location.  

   For example, if you are at bus stop 11024, you would text ‘golive 11024’ to 41411.
   You will receive an instant reply with the estimated time of arrival for the next bus
   to this stop.

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