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Fares & Passes: GoCary (Prior to March 2020)

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*Fares still apply for Door to Door Tier 2 and Tier 3 trips.


Fixed Route Fares and Passes


Fixed Route Fare Type



Ticket Outlet

GoCary Single Ride  $1.25 $.60 GoCary Buses
GoCary Day Pass $2.50 $1.25 GoCary Buses
GoCary 7-Day Pass $12.00 $6.00 GoCary Buses
GoCary 31-Day Pass $40.00 $20.00 Currently Unavailable
$25.00 Value Card   $20.00 Currently Unavailable
Regional Day Pass $4.50 $2.00 GoCary Buses
Regional 7-Day Pass $16.50 $7.50 Currently Unavailable
Regional 31-Day Pass $76.50 $34.00 Currently Unavailable

GoCary passes are only valid on GoCary buses.  The $25.00 Value Card and all Regional Passes can be used on any GoCary, GoRaleigh, GoTriangle or GoDurham bus.

Passengers may be eligible for a GoCary Discount ID Card if through age, illness, injury or congenital malfunction, the passenger is unable to utilize public transportation facilities and services as effectively as persons who are not so affected.  To apply for a GoCary Discount ID card, please bring your completed form, along with proof of eligibility, to the Cary Senior Center at Bond Park (120 Maury O'Dell Place, accessible via GoCary Route 4).  Acceptable proof of eligibility includes a Medicare Card, Veterans Service Connected Health ID Card, or valid government ID.  GoCary Door to Door ID cards may also be used to purchase discounted fares and passes.  Please call 919-653-7141 if you have questions. 

Youth 13-18 ride free with a Youth GoPass.  Our goal is to help teens get to school, jobs, parks, movies, museums and anywhere else they need to go while building a new generation of transit users.  Youth 12 and under continue to ride for free when accompanied by a paying adult and are not required to have a Youth GoPass.  Teens 13-18 traveling without a Youth GoPass will still qualify for the discount fare rate.  Applications for the Youth GoPass may be submitted to the Town of Cary's Transportation and Facilities Department (2nd floor of Cary Town Hall, 316 N. Academy Street, Cary, NC 27513) Monday thru Friday from 9 am - 4 pm.         

The above passes and ticket booklets may be purchased at the Finance Counter of Cary Town Hall, 316 N. Academy Street, Cary, NC 27513 or by calling 919-469-4050.  For additional regional fare options, please visit GoTriangle.  Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.  GoCary does not issue transfer tickets.  A fare/pass is due at each one-way boarding.   

NOTE:  If using multiple transit systems to reach your destination, a Regional Pass is required to transfer between buses. Please visit GoRaleigh or GoTriangle for schedules and connection times.


Door to Door Fares and Tickets

GoCary Door to Door

Tier 1 - $2.50 (FREE thru June 30, 2024)

ADA and Senior trips within 3/4 mile of GoCary fixed routes.

Tier 2 - $4.00

Trips with an origin or destination outside the 3/4 mile fixed route corridor, but within Cary town limits.  This is a premium service.

Tier 3 - Fare Varies

Limited to medical, education, and employment trips, beyond Cary town limits.  This is a premium service.

Apex $6.00
Morrisville $6.00
Raleigh $7.00
Raleigh +10 miles $8.00
Raleigh +15 miles $9.00
Durham $8.00
Chapel Hill $9.00

Fares are due before a trip begins.  Pay your fare with:

1.  Cash, which can be paid to the driver.  Drivers do not carry change, so please have your exact fare ready at pick-up.

2.  Ticket Booklets are available in the following increments:  for purchase from your GoCary driver.  Please let the representative know when you make your reservation how many ticket booklets you would like.

  • $1.00 (20 tickets) = $20.00
  • $2.00 (10 tickets) = $20.00

If you would like to purchase a ticket booklet from your GoCary driver, please let the reservationist know at the time of booking.  You must have exact cash payment - GoCary drivers do not carry change.  

Ticket Outlets

GoCary Buses

Accepts Cash and Change/Value Cards.  Fareboxes are not equipped to give change.  If change is due, a change card will be issued.  Change cards can be used on any GoCary, GoRaleigh, GoTriangle or GoDurham bus.  Change cards to not hold a cash value and expire after one year.


Town of Cary Transit

Youth GoPass registration only.  Cary Town Hall, 3rd Floor, 316 N. Academy Street, Cary, NC 27513. 


Town of Cary Senior Center

Accepts Cash, Checks and Visa or Mastercard.  120 Maury Odell Place, Cary, NC 27513.