NOV. 10, 2021 – GoTriangle and its transit partners GoCary, GoDurham, GoRaleigh and Chapel Hill Transit will launch a campaign this week to support transit operators who have worked tirelessly on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want our community and riders to not forget how important our operators are to keeping us connected to things that are most important,” says Wendy Mallon, GoTriangle’s marketing manager, whose department created the video. “Our regional transit partners are excited to join us in celebrating our teams of operators and will also be launching this campaign alongside us.”

The campaign will be promoted in a variety of ways, including on social media and through advertising on buses and bus shelters and on TV monitors at transit stations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a reminder that transit operators provide an absolutely essential service to our community every day. Even at the beginning of the pandemic when so many people quarantined at home, transit operators continued carrying medical personnel and other first-responders and frontline workers to their critical jobs every day. As many businesses closed down or sent their employees to work from home during stay-at-home orders, transit agencies made sure our vulnerable neighbors got to grocery stores or medical appointments.

The agencies hope the community will take time to express gratitude for what operators do and to continue to extend kindness, courtesy and respect to them, Mallon says.


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